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Introducing RI's ConnectedSolutions 'bring-your-own-battery' Program. I can enroll your family, like mine.


On hot summer days (but not during storms or holidays) when electricity demand is highest, Rhode Islander's who allow NGRID to pull defined amounts of stored energy in their connected batteries to meet surging demand are rewarded because grid operators do not have to turn on peaking plants that cost and pollute Rhody the most.


Customers are compensated 5 years for the average kW they curtail during summer dispatch events. These post summer payouts are based on your system’s performance such as size. NGRID's RI guidance is $1,500/year and EnergySage's estimates $1,800/year saying the payback period for investing in a battery will be about five years from rebates and incentives alone.


For my solar home, I financed (2) Telsa POWERWALLs for 27 kWh of storage with a 0% Heat Loan from BankFive to be installed this summer before hurricane season with AC inverters required for retrofits. Based on Trinity's guidance one is not enough, which an installed customer of mine confirmed. The gross cost is offset by the 26% Federal Tax Credit (ITC) if installed in 2022 and getting $7,500 to $9,000 over five years, more if extended.

Why install rooftop solar?

Renewable Energy is Cheaper. Why pay more for a commodity?

Increases Home Value.

Renewable Energy is Cleaner.

Why Trinity?

We sell, install and service with integrity. Other installers may not. Be a smart shopper!

Trinity-Solar is established name. Your project will be led by Glenn Rhodes, a solar stakeholder with the RIOER, with over 200 installs.

Your project will be managed and installed by our local team in Wareham, MA while Glenn ensures key milestones are completed.

Our finance partner, Sunnova Energy International (NYSE: NOVA) offers the best 25-year total and transferable protection.

We install the best selling all-black Q CELLS 400W G10+. Made in USA at Hanwha's Dalton, GA facility.

The best referral program where you get $1000 and the person referred $500.

Now installing Solar + Battery Backup from the best brands that provide whole home power outage protection!

Results: My first year.

Educational Videos.

Glenn Rhodes

Since joining Trinity in 2018, I have installed 250+ customers which add up to over 2.5 Megawatt of clean energy including my own house at 83 Bassett St, Pawtucket, RI. Come check out my system featured above in the 2020 National Solar Tour for a overview on how grid tied solar in New England works, I service RI, MA and CT .

My process saves you time.


Phone Call (15 minutes)

Objective: To overview how solar net metering works and discuss the best program for your family (Option A: No-Cost Solar PPA/Lease or Option B: Solar Loan-To-Own with the most government incentives to lower your out of pocket cost.

Needed: Your National Grid Electric Bill

Outcome: If you qualify, I email you a Proposal to review with significant others.


Zoom Video Call (45 minutes)

Objective: Listen to and address concerns, questions, and when all is good do the paperwork to schedule your install.

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